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Marian + Provincial Camps + Charles Harding

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Friday, August 30
Doors: 10:00 pm  / Show: 10:30 pm
The Capital

Night of bands! Charlie’s last night in town :(

Provincial Camps

Raging post-hardcore from Montreal, QC. Sam, the lead budster, is a rascal child who writes wild riffs with the fresh taste of punk blood dripping from the waves of his rash tones. Sheehan is a rumble thunder bass monster truck rock’n’roll viper train laying down fiersome begrudgliness. Charlie is basically a scared bear who does similar things that whippie the pooh would do.


From the opening chords and the big, wide swaggering groove of their opening tune, there is a sense of familiarity that immediately sucks one into the songs and the sounds of Fredericton’s hottest new band, Marian.

Marian is like something from the mid-seventies. They’re a song band with grooving mid-tempo and pumped up rock tunes crafted around personalized lyrics.

For now, the band is writing and working on recording, while having a seriously good time intensifying the buzz on a local level. The sound is solid, the tunes are catchy and the mood on stage and in the club is one of head-nodding fun. Marian is true-to-form rock n’ roll.

Charlie Harding (maybe soon: Great Attractor)
New solo project… experimental electronic music with some pop sensibilities. New music coming very soon.

doors 10 // show 10:30