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Electro-Swing Night!

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Friday, September 30
Doors: 10:00 pm  / Show: 10:00 pm
The Phoenix

Introducing Electro-Swing Night at the Phoenix in the Capital Complex! Friday September 30th with DJ Casey Jones!!

You may be asking yourself: What even is electro swing? why is this happening?…Why can’t there be a Zayn and Biebs Night?

Because TIME people. It’s time to awaken your inner swing, your inner flapper, the dapper in you or whatever. We were all really born in the 1920’s (maybe the 40’s) let’s be honest. There is a reason why the Aristocat’s is your favorite disney movie – you know it is.

Also a fact: people still love talking like they live in 1929. Here are some examples of slang you can start using if you don’t already:

Bee’s Knees – An extraordinary person, thing, idea; the ultimate -Also the Cat’s meow.
Beef – a complaint or to complain
Ciggy – cigarette
Lit- Drunk.The same as canned, corked, tanked, primed, scrooched, jazzed, zozzled, plastered, owled, potted, ossified or fried to the hat.
Java – coffee
Joe – coffee
Razz- to make fun of
You slay me – that’s funny